Choosing The Best Pay As You Go Tariff

The best tariff for your pay as you go is dependent on many factors. Choosing the best one can be a bit of a task. Texter talker or surfer or are you a mixture of all three.

1. Depending on the mobile telecommunications company that you are signed up with, which plan will be more appropriate for the way that you make calls?

2. Do you often call out of the country?

3. How long do your local and long distance calls last on average?

4. How may text messages per day do you send on average?

5. Do you use video calling to other networks?

6. Do you send picture messages?

7. How often do you receive Voicemail messages?

8. Do you make calls to satellite phones?

9. Do you use WAP chat?

10. Do you access the Internet using your mobile phone?

All these questions need to be answered before you choose a pay as you go provider

What tariffs are available

All information is provided by the website of the pay as you go providers and is correct as of 31st may 2010

Provider T-mobile

More information on T-mobile pay as you go deals

Plan details

A run-down of our price plan, so you know exactly what you’re getting

Calls Texts Pictures messages Internet on
Customer service Voicemail
To T-Mobile phones 8p a
5p a
20p a
£1 a day
but 25p to
speak to an
10p a
To other mobiles & landlines (01, 02, 03, excluding Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle Of Man) 25p a
10p a
All numbers starting with:

0843, 0844, 0845,
0870, 0871, 0872
0808, 0800 0500 070
40p a minute From free to
40p a minute
40p a minute From 25p to
75p a minute

All chargeable calls will be subject to a one minute minimum charge unless otherwise stated.

Provider Orange


Monkey’s a brand new plan we’ve created with 4Music. You get loads of free texts and music on any pay as you go mobile and access to thousands of tracks on our online player. Create playlists, listen to them on your mobile and send to friends for free.

  • £10 top up
    free music and 300 free texts
  • £20 top up
    free music and 600 free texts
  • £30 top up
    free music and 1,000 free texts


choose Dolphin and get free texts and free internet on your phone every month, just by topping up £10.

  • £10 top up
    300 free texts
  • £20 top up
    600 free texts
  • £30 top up
    unlimited free texts


free evening and weekend calls to any mobile

  • £10 top up
    100 evening and weekend minutes
  • £20 top up
    200 evening and weekend minutes
  • £30 top up
    300 evening and weekend minutes


  • 15p per minute to any network, any time
  • 10p texts to any network, any time


  • calls to over 50 countries from 5p per minute
  • 20p calls to any network in the UK at any time
  • 10p texts to any network in the UK at any time

Provider Vodafone

  • One simple price plan

    Life’s easier with Vodafone Simply. Calls cost 20p a minute and texts are 10p – to anyone, any time, anywhere in the UK.

    There’s also 3 great ways to get more from your TopUps – Freedom Packs, Text Unlimited and Free Weekends.

  • Freedom Packs

    A Freedom Pack turns a £10 TopUp into £50 of talk and texts – that’s 100 minutes and 300 texts. Want even more value? Get 200 minutes and 600 texts for £15. Or a whopping 300 minutes and unlimited texts for just £20.

  • Text Unlimited

    Top up just £5 a month, and you can text as much as you want on weekday evenings. For just £10 a month you can go unlimited in the evenings and at weekends. And for £30 a month? Go text crazy all day, every day.

  • Free Weekends

    From midnight Friday till midnight Sunday, have your say without having to pay. Use £5 of your top-up during the week, then chat and text all weekend – without using up any more of your minutes or texts.

In addition, choose up to 4 great value pay as you go perks

  • Passport

  • Family

  • International

  • IOU

With Vodafone Passport you can take your UK rates abroad to over 35 countries, including Australia and New Zealand. So you can call home without worrying about the cost.

Provider Virgin

The Addict Tariff

With Virgin Mobile, there’s one simple Pay As You Go tariff that’s perfect for people who love their phone.

  • • Get free rewards on top of your credit when you top up, like unlimited texts and web access when you top up with £20 a month, or 300 free texts when you top up by £10
  • • Send 5 free Call Back texts a month, so you can ask friends to call you when you’ve run out of credit
  • • A free SIM card and one simple tariff

And, if that’s not enough for you…

  • • If your first top up is £10 or more, we’ll give you a month’s free allowance instantly – just to say hello! Then you’ll get your normal allowance on the first day of the next month.

Addict tariff


3-to-3 calls Free for 90 days with Top-up, then 25p / min
Texts to any UK mobile Free allowance with every Top-up, then 10p/text
Mobile internet Free allowance of 150MB with every top-up, then 30p / MB
Voice calls to other UK mobiles* 25p / min
Voice calls to any UK landline* 25p / min
UK Video calls 50p / min
Skype-to-Skype** Free
Windows Live Messenger Free
Voicemail in the UK 15p / min from 22nd April 2010
With each top up you do get some “extras”
Top up £5 25 Free Texts
Top up £10 300 Free Texts
Top up £15 500 Free Texts
Top up £20 1000 Free Texts
Top up £25 Unlimited Free

Provider O2

Find out more about the current O2 Pay as you go tariffs


  • All our tariffs include a free monthly allowance
  • Get 10% back on Top Ups, up to £150 a quarter
  • Voted No.1 for customer Satisfaction

Text & Web

Texts and unlimited* internet browsing on your phone.

Top-up £10 – £14 Get 300 UK texts and unlimted web

Top-up £15 – £29 Get 500 UK texts and unlimited web

Top-up £30 or more Unlimited UK texts & unlimited web

Favourite Place

Unlimited minutes* to any UK landline or O2 mobile from your chosen registered postcode

Top-up £10 – £14 Get 500 minutes

Top-up £15 – £29 Get 1000 minutes

Top-up £30 + Get Unlimited minutes1


Evening and weekend minutes to call standard UK mobiles and standard UK landlines from the UK

Top-up £10 – £14 Get 50 UK off-peak mins

Top-up £15 – £29 Get 150 UK off-peak mins

Top-up £30 + Get 300 UK off-peak mins

O2 Unlimited

Unlimited calls and texts to anyone on O2

Top-up £10 – £14 Get Unlimited texts to O2 mobiles

Top-up £15 – £29 Get Unlimited calls & texts to O2 mobiles

Top-up £30 + –

Your Country

Free additional international calls to almost anywhere in the world when you top up each month. No long access codes or PINs – just dial and talk

Top-up £10 – £14 50 additional

Top-up £15 – £29 100 additional minutes

Top-up £30 + 200 additional minutes

When you have used up your free allowance, international mobile calls from the UK to any country will be charged at the International Caller Bolt On rates. You can check your free allowance by either calling 4444 free or by sending a SMS with the word ‘balance’ to 20202 free.

Text and Call

Anytime texts and minutes to any mobile and landline in the UK

Top-up £10 – £14 Get 25 minutes and 25 texts*

Top-up £15 – £29 Get 100 minutes and 100 texts*

Top-up £30 + Get 200 minutes and 200 texts*

*Applies to standard UK landline and UK mobiles when used in the UK

Simplicity Tariff

Unlimited texts

Simplicity Unlimited Text (£5 per month)

Simplicity Unlimited Text + 100 minutes (£10 per month)

Simplicity Unlimited Text + 300 minutes (£15 per month)

Simplicity Unlimited Text + Unlimited Web (£10 per month)

Simplicity Unlimited Text + Unlimited Web + 100 minutes (£15 per month)

Simplicity Unlimited Text + Unlimited Web + 300 minutes (£20 per month)

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